Designed & Built Smart

Smartop spa covers are UL safety certified with materials and features that are unmatched in the industry.


Rigid Polymer Deck Surface

Smartop’s structural integrity is derived from its exclusive patent-pending, ribbed panel design combined with aluminum support channels inside the polymer panels, giving it a load capacity of up to 1,000 pounds—Smartop easily supports snow and ice and protects against accidental breakage caused by children, animals, tree limbs and other outside factors.


Aluminum Channel and High-Density Foam Interior

Smartop is insulated with Owens-Corning closed cell waterproof foam, making it impermeable to water weight gain which eliminates sagging and water puddling. Smartop is sanitary and clean and will not develop mold, mildew or odor - all of which are common problems with traditional vinyl covers.


Integrated Hydraulic Cover Lift System

An integrated hydraulic lifter makes opening the Smartop a breeze. The Smartop Upright (shown here) acts as a wind and privacy screen when in the open position. The Smartop Vanish is designed to place the cover in a low-profile position behind the spa for a 360 degree view. Both options provide the user the ultimate hot tub experience. (DeckMount Kit available with the Smartop Upright.)


EAS Lift & Assist

Feather-light and finger-tip-easy opening. The exclusive, patented EAS Lift & Assist component allows the cover to open and close gently and easily. Patent 9,689,172


Super Soft Compression Foam

Designed to keep heat in, increasing maximum energy efficiency and reducing heating cost, by creating a tight seal between the Smartop and the spa's acrylic tub.


Anodized Aluminum Trim

Stylish and maintenance-free aluminum trim makes Smartop strong and looking good. Available in black or silver.


Replaceable and Repairable Components

In the unlikely event any part of your Smartop should have a problem due to accident or failure, each component is replaceable making Smartop repairable and the last cover you’ll ever need to buy.


Steel Cable Cover Lock System

The easy to use Steel Cable Cover Lock System coupled with a combination padlock provides ultimate security for your hot tub preventing unauthorized or unsupervised use.


Impact-Resistant Rubber Corners

Designed to create a finished look, made of rubber to assist with impact.

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