Download our product brochure!

Download our product brochure!

Smartop Swim Spa

Smartop Swim Spa can be ordered for swim spas up to 20’ in length. The integrated cover lift system with exclusive EAS Lift and Assist component enables easy opening and closing using a series of hydraulic shocks that assist with the lifting process. Smartop Swim Spa can be ordered in either the Upright or Vanish style. Learn more about the patented EAS system.

Smartop Upright for Swim Spas

16ft or less - $3,695
Greater than 16ft - $3,895
DeckMount Bracket Kit (for recessed spas) - $79.95

Smartop Vanish for Swim Spas

16ft or less - $3,895
Greater than 16ft - $4,095

Every Smartop Swim Spa includes:

  • Integrated Hydraulic Cover Lift
  • EAS Lift and Assist
  • Shipping to 48 contiguous states. Smartop can be shipped to most international locations. Please contact our office for availability and shipping costs.
  • 3 year Performance Assurance Guarantee

Add style and flair to the look of your Smartop with our exclusive enhancement options.

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